The Creative Summer Philosophy

At Creative Summer, campers have a chance to be who they are without judgement. To use all of their senses to discover something new while making lifelong friendships based on shared interests. We provide a safe space for kids to unplug and reconnect to the world around them. Our campers understand the joys of exploration and discovery, and the fun that comes from being a kid.

Creative Summer's camp programs for boys and girls, ages 4 to 13, enable each child to participate in the worlds of dance, dramatic and performing arts, music, sports and fitness, visual arts, culinary arts, academics and STEAM, and more at a comfort level that will challenge and excite each camper.

Special Needs Information

Creative Summer welcomes all families interested in our programs; however, we recognize that some children require more support than we are able to provide. We encourage you to contact the Creative Summer office at 301-365-6003 to discuss your child’s individual needs prior to applying.

If your child has a serious allergy, please contact the Creative Summer office, as such an allergy may affect your child’s ability to participate in some of our programs and/or camp activities.

Holton-Arms School Creative Summer is an Allergy Aware Camp


It's so clear you guys go the extra mile on everything you do and I'm so grateful. We have done so many camps and this is by far the best. We recommended the camp to a few other families this year and they all loved it too.

[Camp] felt like 'family' from the beginning. I never felt apprehensive about dropping her off or wondering if she was ok, because i was confident that she was well taken care of and having 'best day ever' everyday!