Health Forms and Information

Creative Summer adheres to all health guidelines and requirements set forth by the Maryland Department of Health and the Montgomery County Health Department. In accordance with health department policies, Creative Summer must have the proper health forms on file for each camper. Descriptions of each form and links to download printable forms, if applicable, are below.

All Supplemental health forms must be submitted to the Creative Summer Office by Friday, April 28, 2023.

health forms


Please call or email the Creative Summer office with any questions you have about camper health forms:
301-365-6003 or

Holton-Arms School requires that all persons who are eligible must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in any on-campus program, unless they have a bona-fide medical exemption. Masking for healthy individuals is optional.

Creative Summer Staff all participate in Allergy Awareness training prior to the start of camp, so that they are aware of the different types of reactions and quickly able to recognize the symptoms of Anaphylaxis.

Lead Counselors are made aware of any allergy or health consideration so that they can make the camper's experience the safest one possible. If your child has a serious allergy, please contact the Creative Summer office, as such an allergy may affect your child’s ability to participate in some of our programs and/or camp activities, such as cooking classes.

Holton-Arms School Creative Summer program is not a peanut-free environment.

Other Health Issues/Concerns
Creative Summer welcomes all families interested in our programs; however, we recognize that some children require more support than we are able to provide. We encourage you to contact the Creative Summer office at 301-365-6003 to discuss your child’s individual needs prior to applying.