Our Camps

At Creative Summer, campers have a chance to be who they are without judgment. To use all of their senses to discover something new while making lifelong friendships based on shared interests. We provide a safe space for kids to unplug and reconnect to the world around them. Our campers understand the joys of exploration and discovery, and the fun that comes from being a kid!

Creative Summer has two distinct programs: Creative Kids (ages 4-7) and Creative Campers (ages 7-13).

The Creative Kids program is for campers ages 4 to 7 years old by September 2020.

Our traditional day camp for boys and girls ages 4 to 7 offers a wide variety of fun and engaging activities. Each class is grouped by age, and campers participate in a rotating schedule of age-appropriate camp friendly activities. Led by experienced early childhood professionals, college students, and junior counselors, the Creative Kids program is one your child will not forget!

The Creative Campers program is for campers ages 7 to 13 in fall 2020.

The Creative Campers program for boys and girls ages 7 to 13, entering grades 2 to 8, is unlike any other! With over 100 class options to choose from, campers have the ability to tailor their five-period day to their personal preferences and interests. No two schedules are alike! With all the options available, Campers can choose something familiar or try something new. Through this program, campers become more independent and learn who they are and what they like. Some even find new talents they didn’t know they had.


Campers entering second grade have a choice of camps. They may attend EITHER Creative Sevens, a contained program of the Creative Kids Camp, where the activity schedule is pre-set, OR Creative Campers, the Upper Camp program where each camper selects his/her own activities, and travels as an individual from class to class five times each day. Please read the descriptions of both offerings to assist you in selecting the better program for your camper entering second grade in fall 2020.