Registration Health Forms

Creative Summer adheres to all health guidelines and requirements set forth by the Maryland Department of Health and the Montgomery County Health Department. In accordance with health department policies, Creative Summer must have the proper health forms on file for each camper. Please review the Health Form descriptions below to determine which forms, if any, are necessary for your camper.

All health forms must be returned to the Creative Summer Office by Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Camper Health History Form

Camper Health History Form, is incorporated into the online registration form and is submitted when you register and submit your $150 non-refundable deposit. You will be required to provide insurance and emergency contact information.

All other Health Forms, if needed, are due Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Immunization Certificate/MDH Form 896

Immunization Certificate/MDH Form 896Needed by SOME campers.

Submit this form if your camper resides OUTSIDE the United States, OR your camper is exempt from any immunization for medical or religious reasons. This form requires a physician signature unless camper is exempt from immunization on religious grounds.

Medication Administration Authorization

Medication Administration AuthorizationNeeded by SOME campers.

Submit this form if your camper requires daily or emergency medication, including Over-the-Counter medication provided by the family. You must submit a separate Medication Administration Authorization for each medication and/or EpiPen needed by your camper. This form requires both physician and parent signatures.

OTC Medication Authorization

Over-the-Counter Medication AuthorizationOPTIONAL but recommended.

Submit this form if you would like our Camp Nurse to administer certain Over-the-Counter medications (listed on the form) to treat your camper for minor injuries/illnesses as-needed. These medications are provided by the camp. This OPTIONAL form requires both physician and parent signatures, and your physician must specify the medications and dosage your camper may take.

Sunscreen Authorization

Sunscreen AuthorizationOPTIONAL.

Submit this form if your camper will apply sunscreen during the camp day. List the brand(s) of sunscreen your child may use and indicate whether our counselors may assist your camper in sunscreen application. Submit one copy to the Creative Summer office and keep a copy with the sunscreen. Additionally, you must provide the sunscreen in its original container with your camper’s name clearly labeled on the container. This form requires a parent signature only.

Printable Health Forms


Questions about your child's required health forms? Contact the Creative Summer Office.