Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesdays are spirit days here at Creative Summer! Each Wacky Wednesday will have a theme, centered around the overall camp theme, "Cruisin' the Highway.” This time-honored camp tradition allows campers the opportunity to dress wild and crazy with their friends each week. We encourage parents to help their campers put together a weekly costume.

To celebrate Wacky Wednesday, each week of camp two Creative Campers Color Groups, two Creative Kids Classes, and two groups of Counselors are invited toWalk the Red Carpet," showing off their Wacky Wednesday outfits — the crazier the better!!

Session 1

June 24: Tourist Day
Wear your Camper T-shirt and accessorize with tourist gear - sunglasses, cameras, fanny packs,. and maybe even that white stuff on your nose!

July 1 : Be a Good Sport
Go Team! Wear your favorite sports team's apparel, whether it's a team you play for, or just one you love to watch.

Bonus: Thursday, July 2: Red, White, and Blue Day
Celebrate the good old USA dressed in your most patriotic red, white, and blue apparel.

July 9: Magical Creatures:
Faeries, trolls, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, elves, sprites, ogres, Yetis, genies, aliens, and anything Harry Potter!

Session 2

July 15: Comfy Day
Roll out of bed and come to camp dressed in your favorite pajamas or sweats. Comfort is key!

July 22: Career Day
Dress for success! Wear the uniform/apparel of a career you'd like to have.

July 29: Destination Unknown
Pick a place you want to go - another state, country, or even planet - and dress accordingly!