Campers who arrive to camp or are picked up in cars are considered "carpool campers" (even if their carpool includes just one camper!). Parents of carpool campers will receive a color-coded carpool placard with your carpool number in the June mailing. This placard is to be displayed in your car at dismissal; the color of the carpool card corresponds to the lane in which you will pick up your camper (Inner circle, Outer circle, Lower School).

  • Please arrive for Carpool pickup NO EARLIER THAN 2:45 p.m.
  • Place your carpool placard in your car(s) for use during carpool pick-up on the dashboard side closest to the curb.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited during carpool.
  • Obey all posted traffic signs and directions given by our Facilities Staff.
  • Skip the wait, come late! Arrive after 3:10 for a quicker ride through the carpool line.

Creative Summer highly encourages families to form carpools for transportation to camp. To support this practice, we provide a list of families who have consented to share their contact information for the purpose of forming carpools, organized by geographic area. The School's 2001 Neighborhood Agreement restricts Holton traffic in various ways, and the School strongly encourages families to carpool. It is important that Holton reduce traffic to campus and on River Road and neighboring streets.

Local families that allow their campers to walk home must complete the Walker Waiver and submit it to the Creative Summer office.

Creative Summer Bus

Creative Summer offers bus service to seven different routes in Maryland, D.C., and now in Northern Virginia! See expandable options at right for specific stops and schedules. We use Holton-Arms' yellow school buses and trained drivers.

Families can purchase round-trip or one-way service (either a.m. or p.m.) at registration, or later through the Online Registration portal.

One-way per session $90 / Round-trip per session $150

Families who wish to allow their campers to walk home from a bus stop must complete a Bus Walker Waiver and submit it to the Creative Summer office.

New in 2020 - BusWhere

Parents may sign up for BusWhere, an app for your mobile phone (iPhone and Android) that tracks departure, travel, and arrival of the buses in real time. Information and enrollment instructions will be provided to parents of bus campers in early June.

"Bus (North Bethesda MS stop) makes the camp experience perfect for our family. I hope that you keep this stop for next year! Lunches were great too! I can't say enough great things about your program. THANK YOU!"

Public Transportation

Metrobus T2 stops at the Holton-Arms School entrance (River Rd. & Royal Dominion Dr.). The northernmost stop on the T2 bus route is the Rockville Station on Metro's Red Line, and the southernmost stop on the T2 bus route is the Friendship Heights station on Metro's Red Line.